Happiness is only a biscuit away in Hyderabad - an Osmania biscuit to be precise. One bakery which takes the credit for this has gone for an image makeover. A double delight indeed.

Now you don’t need to jostle or elbow around to get your favorite cookie. The ambiance of Subhan Bakery post-makeover is refreshingly airy and spacious. One of the oldest bakeries in the city has now turned into a sort of large upmarket retail store where you make your purchases at a leisurely pace. In terms of its yummy goodies too, it has gone in for a major expansion offering 60 varieties of biscuits, cakes, toasts, rusks, curry puffs, bread, pastries, pizzas and burgers, all in tune with changing trends.

But the USP of Subhan bakery remains Dum ke Roat and Osmania biscuit. The latter named after the 7th Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, is the fastest moving product on the shelf. People from all over the city and nearby districts drop in here just to get the Osmania biscuit, a product popular both among the commoners and elite. The loyalty and support Subhan bakery enjoys from its customers are phenomenal. Don’t be surprised if you find junior film artists, doctors and politicians queuing up for it.  READ MORE.


The historic city of Hyderabad is famous for the Charminar, Golconda Fort and many opulent palaces of the Nizams. It is also known for its ethnic wear and pearls. When we talk about Hyderabadi cuisine, dishes like the Hyderabadi Biryani, Haleem and Kebabs come to our mind. But there is a lot more to Hyderabadi cuisine that you may have not heard of, like Osmania cookies.

These soft tea biscuits with a unique taste are a part of daily life in Hyderabad. For Hyderabadis, a lot happens over Osmania biscuits and the popular Irani chai. There is no bakery or hotel which does not sell this delicacy. In fact, for most bakeries, this is the fastest moving item on the shelf. At popular bakeries and hotels, tourists can be seen ordering Osmania biscuits in bulk. They offer a unique flavor with sweet and salty notes and a melt-in-mouth texture. 

There are various stories behind the origin of this biscuit and how it got the name Osmania. Some believe that the biscuit is named after Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam and the last ruler of Hyderabad state. He used to love the biscuits made at a popular restaurant in the Abids and the owners of the restaurant named it as Osmania biscuit. READ MORE

LBB, Hyderabad

Subhan Bakery received its name from Syed Subhan, son of Syed Khader who originally started it as a little unknown shop in Red Hills. It has since grown massively owing to the taste and high quality of their baked goods. This modest bakery is an inviting place with all of its baked products packed in boxes and stacked on wooden display boxes for you to take home. The bakery not only specializes in regular bread and milk bread but also the bread which is baked specifically to make that amazing Hyderabadi dessert — Double Ka Meetha.

But the ultimate star of Subhan Bakery (and what every Hyderabadi swears by) is the delectable buttery Osmania biscuits here. While you should pick a box of them, don’t stop right there for there’s so much more to snack on! Like the Khara biscuits, Chand biscuits (baked in a crescent shape to represent the moon) and Tie biscuits that are slightly hard and savory, and feathery puffs shaped in the form of a bow-tie. In the mood for trying more? Then do not miss out on their fruit rusks, Dilkush, and vegetable or chicken puffs.



Hyderabad: Once you enter the 70-year-old Subhan Bakery in Hyderabad you know that you are having a tryst with history. Although modified just a few months back but the smell of biscuits, cookies, bread and the long queue of customers has not changed a bit. Started by Syed Khader in 1948, the bakery is famous for its Dum ke Roat and Osmania biscuit that needs to restocked every hour on the newly done up shelves. Khader first started the bakery in the year 1948 in a garage in Secunderabad and two years later decided to move to the current premises in Nampally.

Khader – who used to work for the British Bakers – started the bakery with the help of the women of the family. The women used to make the Bread, Bun, and Pav at home and Khader used to supply it to the British Regiment. The bakery also counts the Nizams and other high-profile people in its list of customers. READ MORE


Hyderabad: A whiff of freshly baked cookies wafts over the mundane Nampally market area, drawing you to this nearly 70-year old bakery that’s gained fame for its yummy and melt-in-the-mouth Osmania biscuits.
But much before its Osmania biscuits became the favorite cookie of Hyderabadis, Subhan Bakery was better known as a major supplier of bread in the city in the 1950s and 60s. In fact, what many may also not know is that the bakery even supplied wheat bread to be served for Jawaharlal Nehru’s breakfast during his visit to the city in the 1950s. The bakery was set up by Syed Khader in 1948 at a small garage in Red Hills. He used to earlier work with his family members at a bakery in Kalasiguda at Secunderabad that used to supply bread to the British regiment.
“We are a traditional bakers. While Subhan Bakery is close to 70 years old now and is being run by the third generation...baking has been our family profession for over seven generations now. My forefathers used to work in the bakery of a British establishment and that is how they learned the art of baking, which was passed on from generation to generation,” says Syed Irfan, a member of the third generation running the family business.  READ MORE


This is the 65th year in business for the city’s famous Subhan Bakery. Started in 1948 by the Late Syed Khadar, a baker from Secunderabad, this neat little shop at Nampally today churns out over two-and-a-half tonnes of its Osmania ‘cookies’, for nearly 2,000 customers — every, single day.

t supplies to the AP Chief Minister’s Office, dozens of local MLAs, Chiranjeevi is a big fan, and Union health and family welfare minister Ghulam Nabi Azad is also known to make space in his suitcase for a dozen packs whenever he returns home from a Hyderabad visit. Then there’s the former Supreme Court judge who gives Syed Irfan a call every time he takes a bite from a plate of ‘Osmanias’…. without fail. That’s a phone call Irfan never misses, along with the other two dozen ‘orders’ he gets.

Irfan today, is a proud baker. He’s 40 years old, has been trained extensively by his father Syed Subhan, works 365 days of the year and is now mulling expansion plans.

“We’ve kept a low profile all these years. But I think it’s time we had a billboard somewhere,” he says, smiling. “I do have a publicity plan. Not at a brand ambassador level, but as Subhan Bakery supplies ‘Osmanias’ to the CMO, local MLAs, Chiranjeevi, and Union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad plan nonetheless. We have watched other bakeries grow... bakeries we once supplied to. Now, it’s just our turn.” READ MORE