Osmania biscuits are to die for! Next level stuff it is. They are so soft, buttery, sweet and salty and just melt in your mouth. Perfect tea time snacks. Next time I go home, I'm taking these biscuits for my Dad :) Zomato collections are the best! I wonder why people never told me about this bakery? These biscuits make Karachi bakery biscuits look so overrated.

Shivani Bhatt - zomato

Osmania bisuits are to die for. Their claim of baking the best Osmania biscuits is totally true. The biscuits just melt in your mouth and are freshly baked. The shop is small and is very busy with customers. It would be better if you do your research of what to buy before entering the shop (Osmania biscuits, Oats bisuits, Fruit bisuits, Dum ke Roat & Cashew bisucits). The fruit biscuits tasted inferior to the Karachi Bakery fruit biscuits. You can smell the freshness of the biscuits from a distance of 100 mts outside the shop. A word of advice - Kindly buy more than needed because you'll regret later that you should have bought more like me.

Altamash Aslam - zomato

Well to talk of this place i must say that it does not have a great ambiance.. i heard that they sell the best osmania biscuits in town and i must say they were the best i have had. They are soft, buttery and they just melt in your mouth. And i can definitely say that karachi is way overrated. Every who loves biscuits should definitely taste these biscuits at subhan bakery.

Sneha Goyal - zomato

After few days of research to get the best osmania biscuits in the city, we visited Subhan Bakery. I must say they offer the best osmania biscuits i have ever had. They have good variety of other bakery items too. We even tried tie biscuit, almond biscuits and all were freshly baked and awesome in taste.

Ritika Rasiwasia (zomato.com)

Wow here Osmania biscuits are really great and smooth . I can confidently say every Hyderabadi the ho love biscuits should definitely taste these biscuits at subhan bakery. So relish ,smooth and fresh with good quality . Thanks to owner for serving the best biscuits in city .and I also heard these bakers used to provide material to Karachi bakery some old time.

Sandeep Raja Golla - zomato

Subhan Bakery is one of those places which have stood the test of time and have become a part of Hyderabadi heritage in itself. Located on the extremely busy Nampally in Old City, these people are considered by some as the master bakers. Having the products of Subhan is like a pride in itself. Coz you just aren’t having its biscuits or it’s various other bakery items, you are having a taste of Hyderabadi culture. culture.

Ashis Nayak - zomato

It's a delightful treat for all tea lovers, as they prepare the best osmania biscuits in this galaxy. They are just so crispy and melt as it touches one's taste buds, and we get this at a very reasonable price. I've never seen this bakery without crowded even once! They also make delicious roat and all the other biscuits are also worth a try!

Krishna Teja - zomato

I luckily tagged along with one of my friends who was traveling to the Middle east and decided to pick up some special items for his relatives. At the first instance, I was like why is he getting stuff from here as I had never heard about this place but within my 15 mins at the bakery I realized why!! The biscuits were selling as if they were being distributed for free.

Arvind R - zomato