A fabulous array of incredible delicacies can get your work day on the right path. Start your morning afresh with a delectable spread of pastries, doughnuts, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. and complete the evenings in style with an assortment of cookies and bars. Enjoy the goodness of the delicacies of Subhan Bakery for every occasion.


Osmania Biscuits

Named after His excellency Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, this unique taste is part of the everyday life for Hyderabadis. Osmania biscuits have a unique taste, flavor and texture, which Subhan Bakery has perfected over the decades. It is relished by the common man, celebrities and VIPs with similar enthusiasm. Today it has become a tradition for Hyderabadis to greet their friends and relatives in India and overseas with Osmania biscuits from Subhan Bakery.


Dum Ke Roat

It is a delicacy that everyone must try – especially in the Islamic month of Muharram. It is crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. Subhan Bakery has mastered this art by using the traditional homemade recipe to prepare mouth watering Dum ke Roat that are feasted upon by thousands of people every evening


Fruit Biscuits

Enjoy your brunches with our lip-smacking and delicious fruit biscuits filled with exotic cherries and other fruits. Subhan Bakery is known for making premium quality fruit biscuits without compromising quality and implementing innovative processes.


Double Ka Meetha Bread

We are specialists in making Double Ka Metha breads. Anyone can prepare yummy and delicious Double Ka Mitha using our purpose-made breads. Every day, we sell thousands of Double Ka Mitha breads to households and commercial caterers in Hyderabad.


Cashew Biscuits

Cashew biscuits are all-time favourite delicacy for children and adults. Filled with the goodness of roasted cashews, these biscuits just melt in the mouth while giving the exotic crunchy taste of the nuts. Subhan Bakery offers the best quality cashew biscuits in the city for all occasions.


Oats Biscuit

Rich texture, taste in every bite and the goodness of dietary fibre makes our oats biscuits the perfect choice for a hungry stomach. Our oats biscuits are now more tasty than ever and are available in convenient packages.



Birthday Cakes

We strive to ensure that Birthday Cakes baked at Subhan Bakery are as memorable as ever. We offer all types of customized cakes for your memorable occasions including Photo Cakes that are made to match your flavours & design.

Wedding Cakes

Weddings are always special and such special occasions should be graced with special wedding cakes exclusively made-to order by Subhan Bakery. Weddings are always special and such special occasions should be graced with special cakes exclusively made-to order by Subhan Bakery. We assure you the highest quality customized wedding cakes that will make your occasion truly memorable. You can choose from a wide range of designs or just speak out your mind and we’ll get you the cake of your expectations.


Holidays, Picnics and Traveling

Ah! Those glorious holidays….. It’s time to spend with your near and dear ones. It is also the time to forget your work, stress and tension and indulge in richest of delicacies to act as a top drawer for your holiday dinner or to complement any meal. These baked delights also bring holiday cheer to office parties and formal or informal celebrations with friends. What more! They also make ideal gifts! Our choice of delicacies makes for the perfect treat you deserve for every leisure occasion.

Our Services

Over the years we have earned an incredible loyalty of thousands of customers visiting our outlets every day, and relishing our delicacies. We also cater to all our customers’ weddings, functions, festivals and corporate events.